Some impressions of our English activities:

  • Österreichischer Vorlesetag 2021
    Vorgelesen zu bekommen ist etwas, das nicht nur im Kindesalter Freude macht – auch unseren Teenagern gefällt es, Geschichten zu hören und dazu „Bilder im […]
  • Another Treasure Hunt
    UPDATE: The other group of class 2K also prepared a treasure hunt for their classmates. In this video you can see how Group 1 found […]
  • A Treasure Hunt
    Due to Covid19 our class (2K) is split in two groups. …but in English we somehow worked together: Group 1 prepared a TREASURE HUNT for […]


That’s how we work:

We …

  • focus on achieving high(er)
    • Reading Skills
    • Writing Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Speaking Skills
  • train Grammar knowledge
  • use various teaching methods including:
    • individualized activities (freework)
    • PC work, Microsoft Teams, helbling e-zone, cyberhomework
    • film materials online / DVDS
    • single / pair/ teamwork
    • class lectures                                                                        
  • take part in competitions:
    • English Olympics –> we won: 3x in a row
  • organise an annual English Week with Native Speakers



May every teacher become a mentor,

May every classmate become a friend,

May every lesson teach and enrich you.

Here´s to the best school year ever.


Our English Teachers:

Ines Jelinek
Elisabeth Göttinger
Waltraud Hahn